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'Burno is a character in the Super Academy series. He starts off as a villain in the first arc, but slowly more of a hero as the series goes on. He attends Villain Academy for Juveniles.


Burno's hair is red in contrast to Miles' green hair. He has blank gray eyes, and doesn't wear a costume, but rather a black coat with a Dark Side Of The Moon album shirt under it, and faded jeans. Burno is cynical and rather has a negative view on things, compared to Miles. He is a massive Pink Floyd fan, and he secretly watches Rick and Morty. He's also hinted to be gay throughout the series.






  • Fire blasting
  • Fire manipulation
  • Fire invulnerability


  • James was inspired by Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia. You'll see a lot of the characters Miles has made is inspired off of this series.
  • James' favorite Marvel hero is Doctor Strange, he likes his mysteriousness and his magic.
  • Other than Burno's Pink Floyd obsession; he also enjoys The Doors and is a huge Weezer fan too.
  • His favorite anime is Ergo Proxy.