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Light Punk is a band formed by Jason, Miles, and Janet.


  • Jason White (lead vocalist/guitarist/occasional keyboardist)
  • Miles Martyson (bassist/lead and backing vocalist)
  • Janet Hownett (drums/backing vocals)


Gimme Revolution[]

1. Our God is Dead....Hallelujah (Written by Miles)

2. What Once Was (Written By Jason and Miles)

3. The Red Zone (Written by Jason)

4. Don't Cry For Me, You're Already Dead (Written by Jason)

5. Just Checking In (Written by Janet)

6. You're Pretty Face is Going to Hell (Written by Iggy Pop, cover of The Stooges)

7. A Wheel is Where We Are Now (Written by Jason and Janet)

8. Steel (Written by Miles)

9. We Are Animal (Written by Janet)

10. Look At This Mess We've Made (Written by Jason and Miles)

11. We Wanted to Go Out With Bang So We Made This Song Title Really Long (Written by Jason, Miles, and Janet)

Rock at Dawn[]

1. The Ruler (Written by Miles)

2. The Melting Moon (Written by Jason and Miles)

3. Beam Me Up, Scotty (Written by Miles)

4. Burger King Blues (Written by Janet)

5. Powerhouse From Purgatory (Written by Jason)

6. The String That Connects Us (Written by Jason and Janet)

7. Punk Jesus (Written by Jason)

8. The Party is Dead! (Written by Janet)

9. All Hopes For Lives (Written by Miles and Janet)

10. On The Radio (Written by Jason, Miles, and Janet)


  • The band broke up in January, Jason and Miles went into a supergroup, it is unknown what happened to Janet.
  • Jason and Miles got most of the fame while Janet didn't sadly.
  • The Melting Moon, Beam Me Up Scotty, and On The Radio are considered their best songs.