Shannon White is a character in Super Academy.

Background Edit

Shannon White was created during Project Homunculus, an experiment to see if the creature of lore could be created. His father, Sven White, current copy-holder at the time, inseminated a sow to see if the experiment would work. However, the sow gave birth to a pig-human hybrid with traits of Gigantism. After seeing the result, Sven ended the project prematurely. The hybrid was to be given the lethal injection, however, Sven made a last minute decision, and decided to adopt the hybrid as a son.

Shannon White had since been enrolled in Villain Academy. There, he tried to fit in, as well as learn to combat those who wronged him, but eventually felt that he was too good for the school, and dropped out. White has since received a private education, and become CEO of Innovation X.

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