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Steve Brimlow is a hero in the Super Academy series.


Steve Brimlow has a haircut similar to Brian May's, and his superhero costume is Freddie Mercury's black and white leotard. He is Irish singer and guitarist, whose the oldest student in Super Academy, yet always flunking because he skips class to play gigs with his band. However, the academy keeps him because he's a Mooner, a rare type of hero. He is also very lazy yet somewhat sensible


He grew up with 70s bands, mostly British ones. He favors Queen and Led Zeppelin the most, especially Queen. He's been obsessed with Queen since he was a young boy. One day, he found a blue horse. Curious, he followed it. It lead him to finding someone, a man in yellow. They said that Steve would be granted with any power he wishes. He responded with "The power of Freddie Mercury!". The man was confused by this so he just gave him Queen-related powers. Now, all grown up, he's lead guitarist of a band called The Powerhouses, and he takes the alias "Killer Queen" both on stage and outside. His constant Queen references make people question his sanity.


  • Mooner Power


  • Killer Queen is inspired a bit by characters from JoJo's, and how some of them are based off a song or band.
  • Killer Queen's favorite hero is Moon Knight.
  • He is pretty much the Jimi Hendrix of the 2030s.
  • Killer Queen's favorite bands are Queen (duh), Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Beatles, and secretly Linkin Park.